A Leading manufacturer of ropes and nets that has been there in the market since 1992 and serving various sectors like Marine and Shipping; Fishing and Aquaculture; Agriculture and Horticulture; Sports and Recreational; Industrial and Safety; Commercial and Retail was looking out for a solution to streamline their sales process and assist the sales representatives sell better.

This company has not only been pioneer in developing new high quality products but also in implementing world class IT solution and changing the way their industry works.

Problem Statement

  • They were able to keep track of the distributors but were not having details of the retailers where product was being sold.
  • They didn’t have idea of the actual time that sales representatives were spending in the market.
  • They were not sure if the schemes and benefits were passed to the retailers.
  • They were not able to keep a tab of pending payments at distributors end.
  • They wanted to keep track of their as well as competitors stock present at a retail outlet.

Channelplay Solution

We had couple of round of meetings with their Sales, HR and IT teams post which we presented the 1Channel – SFA tool to their management which they decided to roll out in that month only.
We discussed the scope on integration with SAP such that manual work and error chances are minimized.
After complete requirement gathering, We moved ahead with Master set-up and account was ready to go live within 5 working days.


  • Post 3 months of going live only, Database was created of all the retailers where their product was being sold and schemes were managed from the solution itself.
  • They not only had clear visibility of time sales representative is spending in the market but advanced dashboard was created showcasing Average working hours, Average market hours, Average time spent in Stores, Average time spent at each store along with total average visits per day.
  • Payment collection module helped them keep a track of all the pending payments and gave visibility to the management for the reason of delay.
  • Competitive analysis was provided to them across different categories.
  • They got a better view of their top 5 selling products as well bottom 5 selling products across different territories.