1Channel can help in end-to-end automation of your Retail Order Management process with significant value addition in terms of process compliance and insightful data visualization. Right from beat planning and predictive order quantity to order taking, order fulfillment, retailer stock check and sales return – everything can be performed in an effortless way with easy to use and intuitive 1Channel mobile app.

Key Features


Setting a daily journey plan (PJP) and ensuring adherence to the same is the first step in disciplining any field force. 1Channel enables organizations to create route plans of the field force on day-to-day basis. The easy to use UI aids the reporting managers to visualize the route plans and make necessary changes. In-built adherence reports highlight the cases of deviation.


Setting targets for the sales team and capturing orders from outlets form the core activities in the Secondary Sales process. 1Channel provides users with an intuitive user interface to define targets at various levels and then record order against each SKU. The back-end analytics engine can also suggest order quantity basis historical data which will ensure that the salesforce is in line with the objectives of the organization and drive outlet level business growth.


Inefficiencies in the distribution channel can only be found out if you are able to track actual fulfillment against the order placed by retailers. Using 1Channel, your sales team can record details of shipment against each order and the reports can help you to track the exact problem areas and to take immediate action. Similarly tracking Sales Return along with details such as date, reason, image etc. will help in many analysis.


Schemes and Trade Promotions are probably the most important tool to push sales. 1Channel allows you to create schemes which the sales team can see in their app ensuring transparency right at the retailer level. Schemes can be defined at any level of the product hierarchy  and discounts can be managed either on sales value or on sales volume or on both. With 1Channel, you can run various schemes on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and the same can be accumulated and settled with invoices as and when required.


1Channel solution allows the user to capture and track the stock availability at the Store. It helps the distributor to understand the potential requirement of various products from the market so that inventory can be managed at the distributor accordingly. 1Channel also allows you to define norms for individual SKUs and the same can vary across different outlets. If the stock level is below the defined norm, those SKUs will be highlighted in the app. This will help to focus on the key products at the outlet and will help you to meet the demand.


In 1Channel you will find endless options to visualize your data. While the vast Report Catalog gives you the flexibility to pick and use pre-developed reports, Analytica enables you to build your own report/dashboard on the go. If that’s not all, in 1Channel you get access to one of the world’s leading BI / Analytics engines which can generate any complex report or highly interactive dashboard without any additional cost. No need to worry if you are too busy to open the system to check the data. We will deliver the same in your mailbox whenever you want.

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