It’s a common practice for the major brands to spend a huge sum of money to ensure brand visibility in the retail. It can be in the form of operational execution such as campaign activation, visual merchandising, POSM deployment etc. or in the form of compliance agreement with retail chains in terms of shelf space, product visibility and listing order. 1Channel provides you an end to end solution to track and audit status of all such activities and generate useful reports to take preventive and corrective actions.

Key Features


Campaign Management, an important functionality available in 1Channel, helps you to engage with your customer even more efficiently. It can provide you an interface to run your campaigns in a streamline fashion right from planning to execution to maintenance. Not just the coverage, but also the quality of the execution helps you to make quick and actionable decision on the go.


The importance of the shelf presence of your products in retail outlets doesn’t need much explanation. It’s not just about tracking share of shelf, but there are other important factors as well such as prominence, paid shelf occupancy etc. With flexible and configurable app workflow in 1Channel, you can manage and track all such KPIs without much of a hassle.


Most of the global brands have defined retail execution guidelines in terms of visibility, listing, display or something else. And these can be in the form of internal execution compliance or in terms of the contract with the retailer. With 1Channel, all such compliance can be tracked and audited so as to produce actionable reports with the cases of violation along with proof of the same.


The Quality Control module of 1Channel deploys further checks and balances in ensuring thorough compliance in the market. This further enables in the measurement of Planogram check, share of shelf, quality score, deployment check etc. We also provide the QC manpower and their management, if required. With the cutting-edge BI analytics engine at the back end, post-audit results can be published in any desired report or dashboard format.


Brands don’t just want to track their own execution compliance, but also want visibility on what the competitors are doing in terms of signage display, new product launch, campaign activation, packaging change or price drop. The flexible back-end of 1Channel enables you to track competition activity in your own customized way and see the consolidated data in a format that can result in immediate action.


1Channel offers multiple innovative options to your field team to decide how they want to plan their day. Beat Planning helps them to know daily outlets to be visited and with dynamic sort order of the outlets, they can easily figure out which one is the nearest outlet to visit. To further help them to decide on the complete route plan for the day, they can see the Google suggested route on the map after changing order of visit as per their convenience.

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