A global medical product and technology company with presence in over 100 countries throughout the world and leading market positions in wound therapeutics, ostomy care, continence and critical care, and infusion devices was looking for a field force solution to track and manage their sales as well as operational process.

In June 2019 they decided to test three SFA solution providers by running a 1 month pilot with an employee each of all the different regions. During the final stages of the pilot run only they were very much sure that they will be going ahead with 1Channel SFA solution as no other SFA solution was able to provide the market insights like 1Channel due to complexity of workflow for different teams and inability to showcase the same in the form of advance reports in the dashboard.

Problem Statement

The main reason client was looking for a sales force automation solution was to track the activities done by the employees in the Hospitals / Conferences / Pharmacies / Doctors such that the client can take strategic decisions around it. Other thing which the client wanted was to keep a track to check where all the samples are distributed and authenticate the person to whom those were provided as many samples were getting lost costing a huge sum to the company.


  • Round of discussion to plan the workflow of the application and what all visibility will be needed was done with national sales head and other decision makers.
  • Implementation, which includes master data validation, upload and workflow configurations, and changes were made specially in forms as per business requirement started parallelly in order go live as early as possible.
  • Multiple rounds of training for different team was done as the desired activities to be performed were different for different team members.
  • 1Channel implementation team went for field visits with the employees and covered different hospitals to understand the exact pain points.


In July 2019 they went live with 1Channel solution throughout the country and got the below stated benefits –

  • Visibility of meeting details helped in planning follow-up steps for each account.
  • Cost Vs Advantage report helped them analyze which all events/conferences have been advantageous to them and yielded desired result.
  • An all-important dashboard enabling key stakeholders to make important decisions.
  • Better track of where all samples have been provided resulted in no loss of inventory which was a big issue earlier.
  • Visibility of the employees plan in advance to the management.